Remy Ma’s guilt about miscarriage

Remy Ma has expressed guilt over the loss of her baby on a recent episode of Love and Hip-Hop.

Fans of the rapper and her husband Papoose Mackie found out about the miscarriage on 23 January 2017. The news was revealed on an episode of the show. After the episode aired, Remy posted a pre-recorded video of her in hospital.

Remy spoke about the devastating outcome, revealing that she had started to fill out and make pregnancy plans. Following the revelation, another episode of the show followed the couple as they tried to work through their depression.

Papoose had a heart-to-heart with his mother. His mother advised that it wouldn’t be healthy for him to deal with the loss alone. With his wife going through the same feelings, he then understood that they must deal with the loss together.

Remy opened up to her husband, expressing guilt over the loss of their child. The 36-year-old rapper blamed herself for the miscarriage. She said if she were “more on top of everything” the miscarriage “wouldn’t happen”.

Papoose tried to expel those feelings, he said, “I don’t want you to feel like it’s your fault”. Standing by his lady, Papoose told her, “I’m gonna be here for you regardless”.

Since the news broke, fans have been displaying their support for the couple by leaving messages on social media. On Instagram, Remy Ma thanked those who sent “congrats as well as condolences”. She also revealed that she was against sharing the news of the loss at first.

However, Papoose reminded her that she was “not the only one” going through the devastating experience. He assured her that they would get through it.

Despite going through the heartbreak, the couple are not giving up on their dreams of having children.

The long-time couple are hopeful and are continuing to stay strong together.

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