The Reno: Moss Side club excavated

Moss Side cellar club The Reno was legendary in its day. It has been referred to as monumental in the journey of most of Moss Side’s famous DJs.

Now, memories of the club have been literally unearthed by a project to excavate the remains of the cellar club.

After securing £65,000 of Arts Council funding, former Reno regular and artist Linda Brogan and a team of volunteers from the old Reno are led the excavation, overseen by Salford University’s Applied Archaeology department.

When asked about the plans for the land once occupied by the club, a spokesperson for Manchester City Council Jane Lemon told TNT that “we’ve no information at all on future use of the site”.

Opened on the corner of Moss Lane East and Princess Road in 1962, the club’s peak was from 1971 to 1981.

“This place was monumental for many DJs in Moss Side” a 29-year-old local resident told TNT. “My uncle used to work there in security and that’s how I know about The Reno. DJs who have gone on to make it now, all started at The Reno.

You have people like Gordon West for example, who came from The Reno. This was the place to go for many people in Moss Side”, she said.

On Saturday 28 October, there was a party on the site – now a patch of grass opposite the Heineken brewery – to revive the spirit of the club for one more night.

Former Reno clubbers and their friends were able to walk over the dancefloor one last time. They danced to tracks selected by the club’s original DJs including Persian, Hewan, Dennis and Tomlyn under marquees overlooking it.

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Photo Credit: Google Maps

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