Rent Party at The Klondyke

The Levenshulme Bowling & Social Club, also known as The Klondyke, will be playing host to a show that has reportedly had acclaimed reviews elsewhere in the country.

Coming to Levenshulme this autumn, with a fusion of music and sexual orientation concepts commonly accompanied by taboos within the black community, Rent Party will command a refreshing dialogue of its themed show.

Reportedly written by Written and created by Cheryl Martin and Darren Pritchard according to Creative Tourist, Rent Party will explore the ideas that once made being homosexual and black a challenging existence for many in the past few decades.

By no stretch of the imagination does this mean it will be a night of dreary exploration; there will reportedly be unmatched dancing and interactive revelry here.

With a 4-day stint, Rent Party will run from this October from the 10th to 13th as ticket prices are marked at £10.00 each. Contact The Klondyke for more information.

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Photo Credit: Fotocad


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