Reports of suspected Manchester Ebola case “scaremongering”


TNT sources have claimed that the suspected Ebola patient in Manchester last week was given the all-clear before it was even leaked to the press.

The patient spent several days at North Manchester General undergoing tests for various diseases after returning from West Africa, one of which was reported as being Ebola. At the time an NHS spokesman refused to comment further while other tests were still ongoing but reports of the patient having Ebola were redundant before they even went to print.

It was unclear where the original leak had come from and our sources have said that the stories in various newspapers amounted to “cynical scaremongering” as a way of “shifting papers,” in a farce of a situation where the patient became worried after seeing reports on television stating that the patient potentially had Ebola, despite doctors at the hospital, which is home to a specialist infectious diseases unit, having already ruled it out.

TNT News

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