Residents urged to be alert after distraction burglaries



















After reports of distractions burglaries, Greater Manchester Police (GMP) is urging residents in Wigan to be vigilant.

At least three reports have been made in the Aspull and Standish area so far, between Wednesday 4 and Thursday 5 November 2015.

On each occasion, offenders have claimed to be working for a water company called Dyno Field and have been there to test the water pressure and drains.

According to the Police, a gold watch was taken from a property on Ashfield Drive on one occasion and whilst a victim in the Greenways area was charged £2,700 for work that was allegedly carried out on his drains.

There are numerous of descriptions for the offenders including one man being well-dressed and quietly spoken in the Ashfield Drive area, three men in the Ashfield Drive area wearing a body warmer and gloves and two men in their 30s, with one of large build and one small. The men were seen in the Greenway’s area.

“These men are purposefully targeting people and claiming they need to get into their home for genuine reasons. At some point the victim has been distracted and property has been stolen”, Police Constable Alan Crabtree said.

“I would ask anyone who believes they may have seen these men or been approached by them to contact police. I would also like to remind residents of the importance of asking callers for identification and even then, if you are unsure, do not let them into your home”.

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