Residents’ WhatsApp group set up so no-one walks alone

Following a surge of violent muggings in the area, neighbours in Castlefield, Manchester, have set up a Whatsapp “buddy” group so no-one has to walk home.

A number of robberies, some late at night, are being investigated.

In response, residents in the area set up the group on the messaging app, Deansgate councillor William Jeavons said.

Chief Inspector Cherie Buttle said extra police patrols had been set up.

Community group Castlefield Forum said the area was “generally a safe place” but a “further disturbing incident” occurred on 2 December 2018.

It advised people to “take extra care” and to think about their route after dark.

Castlefield Forum tweeted: “Whilst Castlefield is generally a safe place, a further disturbing incident occurred last night. Please take extra care, think about your route after dark and avoid poorly lit & quiet areas. We are discussing with GMP, Ward Councillors & our friends at ‪@BritanniaBasin”

Labour councillor Mr Jeavons said Greater Manchester Police (GMP), ward councillors and the community were all working together to find the offenders.

He said the Whatsapp group was an excellent example of a community was coming together to help one another.

“There is an increased concern for personal safety and this is a way of supporting and reassuring each other.”

Chief Inspector Cherie Buttle of GMP urged anyone with information on the alleged incidents to contact the force.

She said there were ongoing operation “dedicated to tackling personal street robberies and they have seen great success in making our streets safer”.

“We’ll be maintaining an increased police presence in the area to send a clear message that this sort of crime will not be tolerated and offenders will be caught.”

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