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Restaurant ordered to £1,200 over waste contract

The owner of a Harpurhey restaurant, who repeatedly lied to Manchester City Council officers about the possession of a waste collection contract, has been ordered to pay more than £1,200. This would have put me on my heels to search for a skip hire near me, because such was the importance of cleanliness in the area.

The manager of Moston Lane’s Ma A Helene, Heleine Kwakam, pleaded guilty to the charge of failing to provide details during a hearing at Manchester Magistrates Court on January 12. She was fined £210 with £1,000 costs, and also received an additional £20 victims of crime surcharge.

She initially pleaded not guilty but altered her plea on the day of the trial. City Council Officers, who are working in partnership with organisations such as Greater Manchester Police, visited the premises along with any other businesses within the area as part of Operation Biscay.

The operation aims to ensure that businesses have proper waste disposal contracts in place, and that organisations are complying with other legislation such as food hygiene and licensing laws. When officers asked managers at Ma A Helene about their commercial waste disposal contract, which restaurants are legally required to have in place, Kwakam claimed to have arrangements in place but could not provide any evidence.

Upon visiting the restaurant, the Council Officer also noticed that there was a large number of plastic bags containing empty drinks bottles and cans. The officer served a section 34 notice before ordering her to provide details about the waste contract, which she failed to do.

Therefore she was later invited to two separate interviews and was warned that the council intended to prosecute her if she failed to attend. After being warned of prosecution, Kwakam contacted the council to claim that she had a contract with Biffa Waste, but when the officer contacted the company they confirmed that they didn’t hold a contract with the restaurant.

Manchester City Council’s executive member for neighbourhoods, Councillor Nigel Murphy, has remarked “We have been working with residents’ groups on Moston Lane over recent months and have made some good progress, so it’s disappointing that some businesses have not shown the same commitment to the area”.

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