Rise in people opting for virtual relationships

We live in a world that becomes more technology obsessed by the day. This has caused a rise in the number of people engaging in relationships online.

There are a number of diverse ways that people can have relationships in the online community. These include communicating with someone online as yourself, using your picture and the real details about your life.

There are also online relationships in which you both know that you’re posing as characters within a game. These online games – such as ‘Second Life’ – remove the constraints of the outside world. You can be whoever you want to be, look however you want to look and do the impossible.

Some men and women even have a ‘virtual girlfriend’ or ‘virtual boyfriend’ who ‘lives’ within their mobile phone or other device. They carry them around and go on dates and the virtual characters have conversations with them.

So, the benefits are clear, you won’t have the obstacles and arguments of real life relationships. However, some get so absorbed in their online life that they neglect their real one.

There are plenty of concerns about being too wrapped up in online relationships. Often people can withdrawal from the outside world and neglect their real life community. This means they lack a lot of the important social benefits that we gain from real life interactions.

In terms of online relationships where you’re being yourself and are simply online dating, there are still issues. There have been an overwhelming number of cases where people pretend to be someone else online. Often people hide behind computer screens and pose as a different identity, claiming to lead a completely different life.

Your mobile phone could know more about you than your closest friends and family. Chances are you spend more time with your phone than with anyone human.

It’s easy to opt for an online relationship, often hiding behind an alter ego. However, this can often lead to damaging consequences when people lose sight of reality.

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