A Rochdale father who beat his baby son to death in their own home has been jailed

Craig Dawick was sentenced to life imprisonment with a minimum of 21 years to be served, at Manchester Crown Court.  After being found guilty of murdering his eight-month old son, Leyton Dawick.

Leyton’s mother, Chantelle Flynn was also found guilty of causing or allowing his death. As well as attempting to pervert the course of justice. She will be sentenced at a later date.

The court heard how the baby boy was left with his father at 8.33am on Tueday 6 September last year. After Flynn had gone out.

Just two minutes after leaving, Dawick called Flynn before again speaking to her just before 9.10am.

Four minutes later Flynn arrived home and made a 999 call reporting that her baby had stopped breathing.

As the ambulance arrived Dawick fled the address and paramedics discovered the boy was struggling to breathe.

Flynn told paramedics they had been cuddling on the sofa. Leyton started sweating and ‘going red’, before his colour changed and he turned pale.

But Dawick had in fact punched, stamped on and shook Leyton resulting in catastrophic injuries. Including a bleed on the brain, haemorrhages to his eyes, fractured ribs and extensive bruising across his body.

She also claimed Dawick wasn’t at the house when this happened. Despite phone work, witnesses and CCTV putting him there at the time.

When officers arrived at the house Dawick turned up shortly afterwards. Pretending he knew nothing about the incident.

Despite the best efforts of hospital staff Leyton tragically died as a result of his injuries.

When questioned Dawick denied the offences. Claiming the child fell off the sofa. Flynn tried to give false accounts to officers to help cover up Dawick’s crimes. Also claiming Leyton had previously banged his head on the floor.

Examinations of their phones also revealed texts from Flynn to Dawick. Expressing she felt threatened by him and that he was causing the children pain.

Investigating Officer Thorpe said: “This has been a truly harrowing case where a small baby boy died in the most brutal of circumstances. All at the hands of his own father who should be protecting him.

“Flynn knew better than to leave her child with him but she did. She had a responsibility as a mother to protect her baby boy. It’s clear from conversations they had between themselves she had concerns about her child being around him.


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