Roland Mouret celebrates 20th anniversary of designs

French designer Roland Mouret celebrated the twentieth anniversary of his label during a catwalk show in London.

Mouret brought his designs from Paris to London for London fashion week. The catwalk show celebrated the 20th anniversary of Mouret’s fashion label. This celebration took place at London’s National Theatre on 19 February 2017.

The anniversary show is the designer’s first show in London after 10 years of showcasing his collections in Paris. The foyer of the National Theatre transformed into a catwalk. The event was attended by 100 of Mouret’s best customers, retailers and editors.

Roland Mouret is responsible for the ‘Galaxy’ dress. The figure-hugging dress was the signature dress of the noughties. The sexy sophistication of the dress appealed to fashion-lovers, making the designer popular in the noughties.

The Galaxy dress is thought to be responsible for the designer’s success. The artful construction of the dress and its shoulder accentuating design was widely admired.

Mouret quickly became a favourite of A-list stars. The dress was worn by the likes of Victoria Beckham, Cameron Diaz and Carol Vorderman.

At the show, Mouret presented his autumn/winter 17 collection. The designer admitted that he wished to test himself against London’s younger generation of designers. The collection featured re-workings of 5 original pieces.

Mouret said, “It was quite funny to redo some pieces that I didn’t know how to make 20 years ago”.

Gothic-inspired dresses were also showcased on the catwalk. Many of the new designs featured his signature draping techniques.

The Galaxy elements of the designs were updated for 2017. The designs came in a range of different colours, ranging from mulberry to peacock green.

Mouret also resurrected an archived design for the show; this was a dress from his pre-galaxy days.

Many appreciate the celebration of Mouret’s innovative and iconic designs.

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 Photo Credit: FF Channel

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