Ross Kemp wobbles over Eastenders return

Ross Kemp, who has recently announced that he will return to Eastenders as part of a storyline that will see Dame Barbara Windsor exit the soap for good, has revealed just how worried he is about his impending return.

The actor and documentary maker has admitted that he’s concerned about whether he will be able to remember his lines. He stated, “I’m panicking about everything. About whether I’ve lost the ability to learn all the lines. About whether I can cope with it all. The middle-class ethics I was brought up with. I worry about letting people down, letting myself down”.

Whilst demonstrating just how nervous he is about his return, Ross added, “I’ve had sniper rounds go through the wall behind me, and I am quite cool under fire”.

Ross’ comments about his comeback follow the revelation that Barbara forced him to sign up for the soap. Recalling the memory, the actor remarked “We met for dinner with my wife and her husband Scott, and she didn’t put a gun to my head but she may as well have done”.

Elsewhere in the soap, Kemp’s onscreen brother Phil Mitchell is set to be reunited with his former flame Lorna Cartwright following her departure in 1998.

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Photo credit: Lwp Kommunikáció

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