Rupaul’s Drag Race winner Jinkx Monsoon returns to Manchester 

After selling out an often-extended Off-Broadway run, an Australian tour and a run at London’s Soho Theatre.  RuPaul’s Drag Race winner Jinkx Monsoon returns to Contact with The Vaudevillians.  A bawdy, rowdy musical comedy co-starring composer and musician Major Scales.

Throughout the 1920s Kitty Witless and Dr. Dan Von Dandy toured the United States as The Vaudevillians.  Wowing audiences with their edgy, original music. One day, while touring through Antarctica, they were victims of a devastating avalanche. They were buried under two tons of sleet and snow – instantly freezing them alive. But thanks to global warming, they recently thawed out only to discover that pop artists had stolen their music and passed it off as their own. Now, at long last, they are taking to the stage to reclaim their songs, performing their music as originally composed. It’s a vintage cabaret with a twist of drag.

Favourite of worldwide hit TV phenomenon RuPaul’s Drag Race Jinkx Monsoon is the sassy alter ego of Portland born entertainer Jerick Hoffer.  Major Scales is the evil twin of Richard Andriessen.  A musician, writer and performer based in Seattle. He has written everything from award-winning New York shows on the east coast to music for amateur adult films on the west.

Jinkx Monsoon said: I love performing in Manchester as the people are so friendly and fun. If I ever moved to the UK then I’d want to live in Manchester even for just a little while, because I love the city and the culture there.

The Vaudevillians is presented by Soho Theatre and Tim Whitehead, and takes place at Contact from 7-9 Dec

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Photo Credit: Contact Theatre

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