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Ryan Lever: Actor extraordinaire

My House Party is a comedy written and directed by Marcquelle Ward. It’s about two best friends who are in love but they are the only people who can’t see it, until things change at a house party that is.  The dynamics of the friendship twist and turn in ways you would have to see to believe.

Ward explains how he chose his “amazing and professional” cast himself after having personal experience with them beforehand.

Bury born Ryan has worked all over the UK in film, TV and theatre in productions such as Shameless, Fresh Meat and Fast & Furious 6.

He has worked extensively across the industry on both sides of the lens and in the theatre, usually capitalising on his physical image, taking on roles as the ‘fat man’ and ‘food lover’. His favourite role to date has been as “Bernie”, a guy who loves his food, in a short film called Hotpots.

Ahead of a top secret project that involves working in Morocco for five weeks, Ryan worked with Marcquelle on My House Party after they met on the set of Manchester-based Channel 4 show Banana.

“Marcquelle needed a fat man and so who are you going to pick? Me of course!

“I hope to work with Marcquelle on future projects; My House Party was a great experience.”

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