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Sapporo Teppanyaki review

For a fun-infused taste sensation, Sapporo Teppanyaki is a must-go for any hungry thrill-seekers. Continually listed as one of Manchester’s top rated restaurants, Sapporo Teppanyaki, with its extensive menu of authentic Japanese cuisine and renowned cooking performances, has earned its rightful place.

Located on Liverpool Road, the large glass windows allow you to overlook the Castlefield Canal basin. With its beautiful barges and historic bridges, the location of this immensely popular restaurant adds to the ambience of the beautifully decorated interior. With calming music and a stunning array of Japanese artefacts, the restaurant is almost as pleasing to the eyes and ears as the food is to the taste buds.

From the moment you enter, the restaurant is vibrant and inviting. Greeted by our host, Sapporo Teppanyaki promises a service with a genuine and friendly smile.

‘Teppan’ translates to ‘iron plate’ and ‘yaki’ means ‘grilled’, so it comes as no surprise that we were seated around a large cooking station. Due to the magnitude of the stations, depending on the size of your booking, you are often sat with other people. Whilst this was no issue in the slightest for our visit, Sapporo Teppanyaki may not be as favourable if you are seeking a romantic dining experience. Instead, the fun-filled, easygoing entertainment the restaurant offers makes it a winning choice for family or friendly celebrations.

The impressively wide-ranging menu covers everything from duck to steak, lamb to chicken. Sashimi and sushi are just some of the exciting array of seafood expected at a restaurant praised for its authentic and fresh food.

Miso soup was the starter of choice and an excellent one at that. Flavoursome and warming, the soup was a delicious start to the meal ahead. In a second instalment of starters, we were treated to another dish. The fried chicken rolls were perfect balance of savoury and sweet tastes with the fresh onions giving a sharp and sweet burst of flavour. The ribs were so tender and the coating so delicious, they were the winning part of the starting dish.

More than just food

If there is one thing that makes Sapporo Teppanyaki shine it is the pyrotechnic wizardry that the chefs perform in front of your very eyes. Never has a dining experience been so theatrical and so entertaining. After an entertaining show of spatula tricks, egg balancing acts and tossing sautéed potatoes, the mains are prepared and cooked.

Audience participation is absolutely key to the dining experience. Whilst having food tossed into your mouth straight from the grill may not sound like the most sophisticated practice, what the restaurant lacks in traditional table etiquette it makes up for in outstanding cooking performance and customers engagement and laughter.

As part of the Emperor set menu, the mains consisted of beautifully seasoned stir-fried vegetables, sautéed potatoes, beef cooked to your liking, garlic coated lobster and spring-onion stuffed chicken. While the garlic lobster may have been overpowering for some, the succulent filling made the dish a true delight.

Homemade banoffee ice-cream and new-yore style cheesecake were the final dishes to cleanse the palette and round off such a splendid meal.

The portion sizes warrant the price, which stands at around £7 for starters, £17 for main meals and £6 for deserts. Whilst not the cheapest in town, the entire dining experience from start to finish makes it worth every single penny. With a children’s menu and all the meat used being halal, Sapporo Teppanyaki is the ultimate eatery for any member of the family at any occasion.

Food             ★★★★
Service         ★★★★★
Ambience     ★★★★

TNT Food & Drink Alexia Hendrickson

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