How to save money without even realising

Couldn’t we all do with a little bit of extra cash? Are you trying to save for something special but can never seem to reach an end goal? Saving money is hard, which is some of us are notoriously bad at it.

But here are a few time to save those pennies without feeling the pinch:

Save change 

If you have change in your pocket, put it in a jar or piggy bank. If it’s less than a fiver, it won’t be missed that much, but it will eventually make a huge difference.

Set yourself goals with this jar. Maybe try and fill it (depending on its size) by the end of the month. Every time you reach this goal, no matter how small, bank it. It may be slow, but it is by far the easiest way to save money.

Do a weekly shop

Try and get into a routine of doing your weekly (or every other weekly) shop all at once. Buying food all at once will save you money than buying things as and when. You’ll buy exactly what you need, and no more.

Similarly, learn to shop around to try and find the best deals for the best price.

Tip yourself

Tipping yourself is one way to stay motivated when saving. This is easier to do if you choose to do online banking. If you do something that you feel needs rewarding, treat yo’self.

But treating yourself doesn’t mean spending money frivolously (which you should also try to avoid). Transfer a tip, maybe £1 or 2 when you deserve it. Eat your 5-a-day? Tip yourself. Went to the gym? Tip yourself. Eventually got round to doing that growing pile of laundry? Tip yourself.

Spend cash not card

Not bringing your card to work or on a night out will do wonders for your bank balance. If you set a budget for your spending and you bring the cash, it ensures that this budget won’t be breached.

Reduce, reuse, recycle 

It’s astounding the amount of things we throw out that aren’t ready to face the bin. Using less, leads to less money being spent on your weekly shop. And this means more money to save, save, save.

So there you have it, saving money can be as simple as that!

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