SBTV host tackles stigma of mental health in music

A film-maker has urged young people to discuss mental health and tackle the stigma surrounding the issue.

Jamal Edwards, 27, is the host of popular YouTube channel SBTV: Music. Mr Edwards said pressure on ‘keeping up appearances’ among friends and on social media meant many sufferers shy away from opening up about their problems.

Edwards talks about the apparent link between mental health issues and those in the music industry in his latest documentary.

It comes after a University of Westminster and Music Tank report. The report suggested musicians may be up to three times more likely to experience depression.

Edwards says: ‘We pretend we’re OK, even if we’re not. But opening up about your own depression is not a sign of weakness. If we want to beat the stigma surrounding mental health, we need to start talking about it openly’.

He stressed that sufferers should ‘not be afraid to be ourselves — even at the worst of times. Most importantly, we need to start treating mental health as seriously as physical health’.

His film, which includes interviews with rising stars such as Sasha Keable, is available to view now on SBTV.

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Photo Credit: SBTV: Music


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