School of Military puts Salford City Academy students through their paces

Salford City Academy students are being put through their paces, taking part in a three-month project, run in conjunction with the School of Military.

Comprising of former members of the British Armed Forces, the School of Military aims to develop young people through a dedicated programme. The programme will focus on team-building, physical training, values and SMSC (spiritual, moral, social and cultural) development.

Leading the project at Salford City Academy are former soldiers Darryl Toone and Sam Hughes. They are both working with students from Year 7 to 9 on a package of activities. The package is set to help them develop their communication, engagement and attainment skills. In addition is aims to help them build their confidence and improve their general health and wellbeing.

Following an introductory session, they took part in team building exercises, including a commando crawl race and tug of war.

Commenting on the course, Year 7 student Jaden said:

“It’s been a really exciting and fun experience. We have to respond to commands and act fast”.

Year 8’s Ellis added:

“We learnt all kinds of things, including how strong insects can be, despite their size! I also really enjoyed taking part in the physical exercises, as well as learning about discipline and reward”.

The School of Military’s programme has also been welcomed by Salford City Academy Principal, Melanie Haselden, who said:

“Though only here a few weeks to date, Nicolas and Sam have already made an extremely positive impact on our students. We look forward to working with the School of Military in the future”.

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Photo Credit: Salford City Academy

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