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Scout Troop denies receiving Oscar $65,000 donations

With the help of Chris Rock, a Girl Scouts Troop got Hollywood stars to forage in to their pockets and buy boxes of cookies at this year’s Oscars ceremony. They raised over $65,000 on the night but the group has recently announced that it is yet to see any of the donations.

Rock and the Oscars got Inglewood, California’s Girl Scouts Troop 5215 to work within the crowd of celebrities while selling hawking thin mints, tagalongs and more. However Latoya Edwards, whose daughter is in Troop 5215 has revealed that her daughter’s group are yet to receive any of the proceeds.

She claims that the National Girl Scout Council informed them that the Academy would be donating the $65,000 to the Greater L.A. council, but that hasn’t occurred and the Academy is not returning the group’s calls.

Edwards also revealed that despite the fact that Troop 5215 would have or will only receive $1,000 of that money, she has concerns over the scouts group being utilised in a public relations stunt.

A representative of Girl Scouts of America has revealed, “The donation process is determined by local councils”, ultimately meaning that they have no idea where the money is. The Academy are yet to comment on the situation.

Edwards says that her Girl Scouts were honoured to participate throughout the ceremony, and is happy that they were able to unload 400 boxes, but she wants the world to understand that the Inglewood chapter has been treated with deceit by the Academy.

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Photo credit: Clevver News

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