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Seahawk Lounge closes down


The Seahawk Lounge is like that old couch in your home; you don’t know why you keep using it but if you got rid your living room would never be the same again.

The ‘living room’ that is Hulme is about to change forever as The Seahawk Lounge on Bold Street shuts its doors for good.

Going the same way as the ‘Seven Sisters’ block of flats that once towered over the little pub, the Seahawk will be demolished.

Trafford Housing Trust have acquired the land and it is thought it will form part of a huge new housing complex along with the land where the Seven Sisters used to be.

After 16 years at the helm, landlord Hupton Harriett held a final farewell at the Hulme local on Wednesday 7 January.

He has finally given in to Trafford Housing Trust, who have been trying to buy the Seahawk and the land it sits on for years.

Mr Harriett, who plans to retire at home in Stretford, was ordered to vacate the premises by noon on Saturday 10 January.

He spoke of his disappointment at the pub closing and how he has been treated, “In 16 years I’ve only had one quiet weekend due to a misunderstanding when police got involved.

“I’ve always abided by the laws and rules, always closed on time and my customers have never given any trouble.”

He was given no form of compensation for his services.

For years the Seahawk Lounge has been a pillar of the Hulme community. The rarely- changed venue provided many a memorable night for residents of Hulme, surrounding areas Moss Side and Old Trafford and  the further afield Stretford and Longsight.

With the Junction pub also at the centre of closure rumours and other community venues such as the Nia centre hanging on by a thread, the Hulme that we once knew is disappearing and making way for modernised university buildings and student accommodation.

Though this isn’t necessarily a bad thing as there is nothing wrong with a much- needed cash injection that will truly put Hulme on the map, it is important that some of the original friendly, relaxed multiculturalism that the area is known and loved for is preserved.

TNT News Siobhan White

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