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Seal denies sexual battery allegations

British singer and songwriter Seal has adamantly denied allegations of sexual battery made by his former neighbour Tracey Birdsall.

A representative for the singer said, “Seal vehemently denies the recent allegations made against him by a former neighbour.

“For alleged misconduct more than a year ago. He intends to vigorously defend himself against these false allegations.”

Tracey Birdsall, who is an actress, spoke to celebrity media outlet TMZ. She said that the two had developed a close friendship while neighbours in LA in 2016.

She alleges that Seal “lunged” at her in his home, attempted to kiss her, groped her breasts, and belittled her.

She claims he was insinuating that she wanted sexual attention because of the way she dressed. The actress said she demanded he stop.

She further said she left soon after the incident and did not have contact with Seal again.

Birdsall decided to report the incident to police after Seal encouraged women to come forward with stories of sexual harassment.

A source with the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department confirmed to TMZ that a report had been taken on 13 January.

The report was regarding sexual battery and that the incident is under investigation.

Seal recently posted a meme image that pictured Oprah Winfrey giving the disgraced Harvey Weinstein a friendly kiss. He suggested she was “part of the problem”.

He said that “this was not an attack against Oprah, this was an observation of the toxic nature of Hollywood”.

Seal has sold millions of albums worldwide, thanks to hits including Kiss From a Rose, Crazy and Killer. He released his most recent album Standards, a collection of jazz, swing and big band numbers, in November 2017.

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