Second Sinkhole Appears on Mancunian Way

After just a month after the 40ft crater appeared on Mancunian Way due to heavy rain, another sinkhole has been discovered.

The second hole is located near the Ancoats end close to the ‘PC World’ junction at Great Ancoats Street. The second hole was 10ft deep and 5ft wide and was noticed by workers who were repairing part of the original crater.

A Manchester City Council spokesman said that “Motorists are being advised that the westbound carriageway of the Mancunian Way has been closed for safety reasons. The westbound carriageway was recently reopened, with a contraflow enabling traffic to travel in both directions”. The new hole that appeared yesterday is situated just yards away from the initial crater.

Manchester City Council is working closely with United Utilities in order to get the new hole repaired. The westbound carriageway was reopened this morning after engineers pumped concrete in to the hole and tested how much weight it could take, however the eastbound carriageway remains closed. A 20mph speed limit has been introduced to the Westbound Carriageway whilst heavy goods vehicles are unable to utilise the road. Work is still ongoing to fully repair the 40ft crater but the second sinkhole appears to have caused no great long-term disruption.

TNT News

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