See My Dunya at Manchester’s HOME

A brand-new showcase of what it means to be Somali in Britain today, See My Dunya is about the community, by the community.

Comprising of a photography exhibition and short documentary film, See My Dunya will run from 12 January to 23 March 2019 at Manchester’s HOME and Central Library.

Funded by the Arts Council, the exhibition will feature Moss Side’s mosques, barber shops, cafes and shisha bars. It looks to shine a light on the little-explored and often misunderstood Somali way of life in Britain. Sharing their experiences as one of the biggest Somali communities in the United Kingdom, Manchester’s Somalis discuss identity, beliefs and aspirations.

Project Managing it all is Tunde Adekoya, encompasses the narrative of the Somalis who emigrated to the UK after WW1. “Within the exhibition and documentary, you encounter all those different migration stories but also hear people talking about moving from Somalia to other places in Europe, before settling in the United Kingdom and finding a more accepting home here,” Tunde says.

See My Dunya’s arrival is timely. Whilst it draws attention to the effects of diminishing resources and resulting social inequality, it also highlights Somali under-representation in politics, local policy-making and the arts.

Hamdi Hassan, Musical Director, says: “It can be awkward to be Somali at times, but this project is holding up a mirror to the community and it’s saying, ‘it’s okay to be you’. Being Somali is not a crutch, it’s an asset.”

With collaborations from Manchester-based writer and theatre practitioner Elmi Ali, documentary by local filmmakers SSCOPE Media and photography by Sharmaarke Ali Adan, the project also celebrates Moss Side’s changing perceptions.

See My Dunya launches at HOME on Saturday 12 January 2019, before moving to Central Library on Monday 14 January 2019. It concludes on Saturday 23 March 2019.

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Photo Credit: Tunde Adekoya

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