Sega plans to revive ‘major IPs’

Sega have revealed plans to revive a number of ‘major IPs’ as part of a new three-year plan.

The Japanese video game developer wants to bring back some of its unused game franchises, revealed a recent business presentation.

The information was contained within the ‘Road to 2020’ presentation document, released at the end of the latest fiscal year.

Sega have cited a number of directions in which they are looking to move over the next three years.

The one which has attracted the most attention is certainly the promise to revive the ‘major IPs’.

This resurrection of the IPs has been noted as a major point in Sega’s goals for the “packaged game field”.

The recent PC re-release of Bayonetta and the upcoming release of Vanquish highlight Sega’s interest in reviving old games.

A limited release revival of Daytona USA was also launched recently.

Sega also has access to a lot of retro fan favourites such as Golden Axe and Streets of Rage.

While the company have not yet specified precisely which ones they plan to exhume, existing statistics may contain some clues.

In 2016, Sega conducted a poll in Japan asking gamers which of their previous franchises should be revived.

Results showed that the five most popular games were Sakura WarsJet Set RadioVirtual OnShenmue, and Virtua Fighter.

Sega have teased gaming lovers even further with plans to release brand new IPs into the market, also.

The brand could well end up investing a great deal in this strategy given how well it has worked recently.

However, what Sega themselves constitute as ‘major’ still remains to be seen.

What is certain though, is that this is an exciting time for avid gamers.

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Photo Credit: 32X

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