Selfie-mad Britain lifts cosmetic sales to £900million

Selfie addicts have contributed to a £1million-a-week rise in UK cosmetic sales, recent studies reveal.

The new-found obsession with looking good online is the main reason behind the increase, according to analysts IRI.

Total UK sales over the past year surpassed £900million, with ‘contouring’ products that help to define cheekbones leading the way.

IRI believe the selfie phenomenon, popular with celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, is a driving force behind the statistics.

Speaking to trade magazine The Grocer, IRI insight director Chloe Humphreys-Page talked about the rise.

“The impact sees people spending disproportionately long periods of time studying their faces and making sure they are camera ready.

“Consumers are heavily influenced by social media and by their peers.

“This has led them to be more experimental and prepared to try new things with cosmetics”.

Bronzer sales soared to £43million while lipstick purchases also raked in a staggering £115million alone.

IRI have predicted that the cosmetic industry will smash the £1billion barrier within the next few years.

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Photo Credit: Clevver News

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