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Selma James in Manchester

In a positive turn for the #SaveNelloJames campaign the wife of CLR James, who the centre is named after, visited the community and gave her full backing and support of the cause.

Selma James came to Whalley Range on Saturday 21 March to meet locals, campaigners and supporters and to answer their questions regarding the history of the Nello James centre.

An apple tree was planted on the land and then a Q&A took place at the Windrush Millennium centre where Mrs James made a pledge to help in any way that she could.

Also in attendance were councillors Angeliki Stogia and Aftab Razaq who told TNT News they would happily give their time and full backing to see that the Nello James be restored and used in the community.

The community campaign has arisen as a result of the news that the Nello James centre on Withington Road in Whalley Range is going to be sold despite it having allegedly been given to the community for public use when actress Vanessa Redgrave bequeathed it to CLR James.

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