Sepp Blatter receives large cash deposit – Watch

FIFA president was seen receiving a large cash deposit – but not the way you’d expect – moments before a press conference on reforms to the tarnished world football body – FIFA.

British comedian Simon Brodkin walked up to the stage in Zurich and laid down a wad of fake cash whilst holding another wad in his other hand, saying “This is for North Korea 2026, Thank you very much”.

Mr Blatter called for his security as Brodkin – stage name Lee Nelson – addressed the audience and press members.

Upon being escorted away by Mr Blatter’s henchmen, the prankster threw a bundle of US dollar notes over Mr Blatter’s head, saying: “Here you go Sepp”.

Mr Blatter looked flustered and embarrassed as he walked off and back again before walking to the podium where he addressed the press members saying, “This has nothing to do with football”.

When it comes to corruption in sports, you’d be hard pressed to find an organization with more issues than FIFA, the governing body of international soccer. Mr Blatter and FIFA have been embroiled in a corruption scandal related to the awarding of World Cups to host nations.

Back in May, authorities indicted 14 FIFA officials on charges of wire fraud, racketeering, and money laundering.

In the wake of the aforementioned corruption scandal, Mr Blatter – long considered FIFA’s most corrupt official – resigned in early June, but still retains control of the association. FIFA have now set the next elections for February 2016. Yesterday’s hilarious interruption of the press conference by the comedian made the internet react, obviously.

One twitter user commented, “If ever there was an image to sum up Sepp Blatter, this would be it”, beneath a screenshot the fake bank notes showering over the outgoing FIFA president.

AdamofAlbion tweeted, “It’s disgraceful that Lee Nelson threw dollar bills at Blatter. Didn’t he have anything heavier?”

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