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Seven year old Salford boy receives gunshot wounds to his legs

A  photo  has now been released, of a seven-year-old boy in his hospital bed, after he was shot in the leg in Salford.

Shortly after 9.25pm on Monday 12 October, two men knocked on the front door of a property in Salford, Jayne Hickey,29, and her seven-year-old son Christian answered the door. Following a brief conversation one of the men fired his gun, causing gunshot wounds to both Jayne and Christians legs.

Jayne received two gunshot wounds to her legs, whilst Christian sustained a gunshot wound to his left leg. Forensic investigation is ongoing in relation to the bullet casings recovered from Christian’s leg.

Christian’s mother, Jayne, said: “Christian is an athletic sporty boy. He likes boxing, swimming and football. I really hope he can do this in the future.”

“I just saw blood pouring from Christian, I screamed for his dad to put pressure on him. I know he had been shot and I couldn’t help him. I collapsed. “Because of the shooting I can’t care for my son.”

Assistant Chief Constable Rebekah Sutcliffe said “An innocent seven-year-old boy is in a hospital bed after being shot on the doorstep of his own home. As a mother myself I can begin to imagine the pain and anguish his mother is going through; no one imagines that their little boy will be shot as they answer the door.

“The shooting will be etched on Christian’s memory forever, and sadly we can’t change what happened to him. What we can do is find the people that did this and put a stop to the violence in Salford right now, so no more of our children get hurt.”

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