Shekinah Monologues

Award-winning actress and director Rayna Campbell came home to Manchester to direct the very special, very personal Shekinah Monologues.

The collection of monologues performed by a select group was shown to an intimate audience at the STUN studio in Z Arts on Friday 26 and Saturday 27 June.

Using the expressive mode of theatre, a group of actors played out several different true-life portrayals of how people have encountered Shekinah- “the dwelling or settling of the Divine Presence of God.”

The monologues expertly expressed the trials and tribulations Christians go through in modern day society, covering a variety of subjects from blasphemy to stress, gossip to relationships using comedy, drama and music.

The trying times and temptations Christians of all ages have to go through in this day and age were brought to life and the forefront of our minds. Each character was relatable and had you engrossed in their story.

At the very least, even if you are not religious (or as religious as you’d like to be) the Shekinah Monologues made you realise that you are not alone when going through tough times, there is always somewhere to turn.

A well-deserved standing ovation was given to the cast who gave exceptional and heartfelt performances throughout, with many going in to different characters within minutes.

Rightfully debuted in Manchester with proceeds going to Rayna’s church New Testament Church of God, the Shekinah Monologues has the ability to help hundreds of people should it ever go on tour.

TNT Theatre Siobhan White

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