Shocking rise in forceful restraint on mental health patients

In an audit conducted by the Liberal Democrats, the number of incidents in which mental health patients in Manchester are forcefully restrained is double what it was three years ago.

With an average of four restraints every day last year, these shocking statistics show the deeply concerning increase in the use of physical constraint on patients at Manchester Mental Health and Social Care Trust.

As part of their manifesto, the Liberal Democrats made an aim to improve the mental health system so that sufficient care and support could be given to those that needed it.

As a party who strives to challenge the stigma that is so often attache31d to mental health, audits of the care systems are vital in reporting areas that are successful as well as those that need major improvement.

The statistics showed that 127 injuries to patients and 218 injuries to staff occurred as a result of physical restraint at the Trust in the past year, highlighting the dangers the practice can pose to both patients and staff.

The former Lib Dem MP of Withington, John Leech, who has worked with hospitals and trusts in and around Manchester for over 25 years has said: “Heavy use of physical restraint is completely unacceptable and has no place in Manchester’s care system.

“The practice is outdated, dangerous and causes vulnerable people an enormous amount of distress at a time when they should feel safe and cared for. It is abundantly clear that Manchester’s mental health units are working under impossible strain.

“We need to be working together to tackle this problem because if we ignore it the result will be a continued erosion between practitioner and patient, which will have a seriously detrimental impact on recovery”.

With the belief that the current cares system is failing the most vulnerable people it should be aiming to help, the concerning report is expected to be raised with councillor Paul Andrews, the Adult Health and Wellbeing executive.

Even after the death of David ‘Rocky’ Bennett in 1998, who death occurred as a direct result of prolonged face down physical restraint – the government have still not put an end to the use of physical restraint on patients, despite recommendations made in several reports.

With shocking statistics, injuries and even deaths – should there be systems in place which ban the use of forced restraint on patients? Let us know what you think by commenting down below or tweeting us @TheNubianTimes.

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