Should shoppers pay for plastic bags?

We have all frowned – internally or externally – at the till worker who asks us to pay not only for our shopping but the plastic bag in which it can be carried in. Obviously we have to pay for our shopping; but we’re just trying to stress the grumbling point here – about some supermarkets charging for plastic shopping bags.

From October 2015, customers in England have to pay for plastic bags. This is across all supermarkets, not just in Marks & Spencer or Aldi.

In the last year alone, according to new figures from the government funded organisation WRAP, supermarkets in the UK gave out 8.5 billion plastic bags.

The number handed out in England is much higher than in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland where shoppers are charged for carrier bags.

Some commentators believe that it is a good idea to charge for shopping bags because then we wouldn’t have so many plastic bags scattered around our streets.

The sooner it happens, the sooner it will force us into using those ‘bags for life’ which are obviously better for the environment. So I think it is a good thing for that reason. Whether it will affect the poor is something that will make a lot of people angry. What can we do?” a student from Stockport, Pamela Jenkins told TNT

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