Why you shouldn’t ditch the gym over Christmas

As December approaches and our focus turns to food and drink, our health and fitness takes a back seat.

When January comes and gyms fill up, many are left with an uphill struggle to get back to peak health.

TNT spoke to Phil, the manager of Spindles Health Club at Britannia Hotel in Didsbury, Manchester. He confirmed people’s disregard for their fitness over the Christmas period.

“There’s definitely a drop in numbers of people using the gym in December and that’s the same at every gym you go to”.

“People cancel their gym memberships over the Christmas period but this isn’t all due to them wanting to binge. This is often due to the added expenses of Christmas time and just not having the money to pay for the gym”.

These reduced numbers of people using local gyms means a much more pleasant gym experience for those who do go. Less people in the gym means no waiting around to use machines and a more spacious workout area/swimming pool.

Phil finds that those who join the gym as a New Year’s Resolution rarely last very long. He did have some advice though, for those who find themselves struggling to stick to going to the gym.

“I’ve found that if people only come to the gym once a week, they’re much more likely to quit. Those who get into the habit of coming multiple times per week are likely to commit to their fitness regime”.

So why not start now? Whilst the local gyms aren’t busy, get yourself into the routine of working out more than once per week. This way, come January you’ll be much more likely to be in a routine that you’ll stick to.

For those who still decide to join the gym in January, Spindles Health Club has some exciting upcoming classes.

They’re looking to do more for elderly people in 2017, putting on classes that specifically target the older generation. They’re also looking to organise more swimming for kids, encouraging the young people of the community to keep healthy.

Whether you start next week or next month, get into a routine that suits you and you’ll feel endless benefits.

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Photo Credit: Ryan McGuire

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