Sian Blake and her two sons’ bodies found


Police who were searching for a missing former Eastenders actress and her two children found three bodies at their southeast London home just days ago. 43-year-old Sian Blake and her two young sons had not been seen since the 13th of November, Zachary was eight years of age and Amon was four.

Police had earlier revealed that Ms. Blake’s car had been found on Calvert Avenue in Bethnal Green, east London, on the 3rd of January, although it is unclear how it came to be there.

The Met Police have said that all three of the bodies were found in the garden and a murder investigation has now begun. Ms. Blake’s partner, 48-year-old Arthur Simpson-Kent, had alerted police’s suspicions and disappeared just days after they spoke to him about the missing family. Ms. Blake, who had motor neuron disease, played Frankie Pierre in ‘Eastenders’ between 1996 and 1997.

The Sun has reported that Simpson-Kent left the UK for Ghana, via Glasgow and Amsterdam whilst both Interpol and Scotland Yard have refused to comment on whether an international alert had been issued to find him. A Facebook page in the name of Simpson-Kent lists his hometown as Cape Town, Ghana.

Simpson-Kent married Dominique Deblieux in east London in 1999 and the couple had a daughter. Deblieux, who now lives in the southern region of France, told The Sun that her former husband also had several other children, and that their marriage was a “Waste of time”.

Detective Superintendent Paul Monk has commented on the tragic discovery, he remarked, “As yet, we have not formally identified the bodies but this is a significant development and Sian’s family have been informed”.

Next-door neighbour Sam Sanni-Alashe stated, “I am in shock. I know the lady. I see the children playing at the back. I say hello all the time. We are not close but she was a very happy woman. He also added “I would see them most of the time in the summer but I have not seen them for about six weeks”.


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