Sian Blake’s partner found on beach in Ghana

The partner of former ‘EastEnders’ actress Sian Blake, who was found murdered with her two young children, is being held in police custody within Ghana’s capital city of Accra.

Local police detained Arthur Simpson-Kent after at least two-tip offs from locals who recognised him from news reports. The arrest comes after the discovery of his passport, credit card and national insurance card, which was found in a remote location almost 200 miles from the country’s capital.

The 48-year-old arrived in Ghana on December the 19th and is believed to have celebrated New Year Eve at a frantic rooftop party, he is suspected of murdering Miss Blake and their two sons some time between December the 13th and December the 16th. He was arrested on the 9th of January when police found him hiding amongst rocks in the coastal town of Busua.

Ghanaian police have said that Mr. Simpson-Kent, who is a British national, would not be deported from the African country until British officials requested extradition. British police have stated that they plan to extradite him to the UK very soon, and have denied that they have acted slowly.

At a joint police news conference with Ghanaian police, Detective Chief Inspector Graeme Gwyn of the Metropolitan Police said that proceedings would begin soon, but it was “not as simple as putting him on an aeroplane and taking him back”. Under Ghanaian law, Simpson Kent can be held for 48 hours before he must be released or appear before a court, meaning that he is likely to appear before a judge on the 11th of January.

Deputy Detective Superintendent Hansen Grove of the Ghanaian police force has remarked “We are incredibly proud to have brought in a fugitive so quickly and calmly, without injury to anyone. It will be a great pleasure to report all this to the met police. Maybe we could offer some detective training to Scotland Yard”.

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photo credit: The Telegraph

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