Simon Webbe credits fiancée for victory over depression

Simon Webbe recently appeared on ITV’s Loose Women where he gushed over his fiancée Ayshen Kemal’s support. The former Blue singer said it was thanks to his partner that he beat depression and anxiety.

The 39-year-old has spoken candidly about his rock-solid relationship with Kemal. He explained how her unwavering support during his darkest moment helped save him. He also spoke of their romantic engagement, conducted against an idyllic Caribbean backdrop on Valentine’s Day.

Webbe marked his return to music by releasing third solo album Smile on 13 October. He outlined her unique ability to balance him out while he struggled with anxiety and depression. He then admitted that it was this ability which, during the early stages of their relationship, inspired many of his new songs.

‘I don’t think you should need anybody but it’s great to be wanted,’ he explained during the show.

‘We don’t need each other, but we want each other all the time. I’ve got an album out called Smile, and that’s what she makes me do every day.

The singer originally met Kemal a decade ago. At the time, he continued to bask in the fame afforded by five-years of chart success with his Blue bandmates.

But he admits her reluctance to be swayed by his celebrity status, then at its peak, only enhanced his instant attraction.

‘I saw her charity gig in 2008 or 2009,’ he explained. ‘She just didn’t look at me and that’s what I loved about her.’

Looking on from her place in the studio audience, Kemal admitted she refused to acknowledge Webbe at the time because she was in a relationship.

‘I was with somebody at the time; the eyes don’t wander when you’re with somebody,’ she said.

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