Simple homemade acne remedies

Acne, spots, pimples, zits. Whatever they’re called, we don’t want them.

Despite the array of celebrity endorsed advertising campaigns, it is possible to treat your skin without shelling out all the pennies.

There are many ways to get clear skin from home. And we’re here to tell you how.

Tea-tree oil

Tea-tree oil acts as a natural anti-septic. It also kills the bacteria that cause acne. Although it can be applied neat onto the affected area, it may cause irritation. To reduce this, dilute with water or aloe gel for more sensitive skin.


Garlic is also known for its anti-bacterial properties. By eating it or using it topically on the skin can reduce the severity of breakouts. It can additionally prevent future spots from forming.

Egg whites

Whisking up some egg whites can help reduce acne due to the high levels of proteins and vitamins it contains. Egg whites soak up excess oil and sebum, often a cause for spots, which means there is less for the bacteria to feed on.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Many people swear by using apple cider vinegar as a toner for their skin. By simply mixing the apple cider with witch hazel and diluting it with water, it can help reduce inflammation and balance pH levels.


Oats have proven to be useful for just about anything. Another benefit amongst many is the calming properties it holds. They can be used as a natural and gentle exfoliate for the skin. This will help remove dead skin cells without causing inflammation.

If you have any homemade acne cures that you can’t live without, simply comment down below!

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