Sinead O’Connor found safe in Chicago

Sinead O’ Connor was found safe, having gone missing for more than 24 hours from a close friend’s house in Wilmette, Chicago.

The ‘Nothing compares to you’ singer has been struggling with mental illnesses, including depression and bipolar disease throughout her whole life.

The 49-year-old star posted an open letter on Facebook after her hospitalization, accusing her family of not helping her with the issues she’s facing, using controversial words.

Earlier this month, O’Connor was sued for $5m [£3.4m] by U.S comedian Arsenio Hall claiming  defamation, after she said he was supplying Prince with drugs and had drugged her in the past.

O’Connor, who has attempted suicide in the past, once told Sky’s Entertainment Week: “When you admit that you are anything that could be perceived as ‘mentally ill’ you know that you are going to get treated like dirt so you don’t go tell anybody, and that’s why people die”.

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Photo credit: Pymouss


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