‘Sing it Forward’ to massively benefit charities and music industry

‘Sing it Forward’ is an inspirational project that was formed by ‘Shaw Star’ partners, Judith Shaw and Gordon West. Its aim is to fund charities through supporting the introduction and empowerment of aspiring north-west musicians.

Judith and Gordon have been and continue to hold auditions for local artists. The duo will eventually select 10 people, who will receive the opportunity to write a song, choose the team around them and produce an official track. Artists will also be provided with the chance to work alongside songwriters and vocal coaches. The tracks will be made with the assistance of professional producers, who will utilise their expertise in the recording department.

When all 10 videos and singles are completed ‘Sing it Forward’ will organise a series of big live events across Manchester. Festivals that have noted the greatness of its potential have already approached the project’s organisers in order to book their artists. Two of the projects artists will actually be playing at a festival in Irlam later this year, including a 12-year-old who is adept in conveying 50’s jazz and contemporary pop music.

Each single will be accompanied by a video of TV broadcasting quality, and the tracks will be made available to purchase from iTunes. All of the money made from these talented singers’ singles, will go to the charity of their choice.

TNT recently discussed the project with Gordon, who revealed “One of the local artists is working with the homeless, so he is working with a homeless charity to raise funds so he can set up vans and other ways to feed and clothe people”.

At ‘Sing it Forward’ many of the organisers are working voluntarily and funding has come from Trafford Housing Trust. So far the project has seen a wide variety of musicians display their talent, including rappers, soul artists, jazz enthusiasts and reggae artists. The bountiful nature and raw potential of the project is mirrored in the fact that it has received applications from artists who have already featured in the UK charts.

Whilst commenting on the future of this prosperous project, Gordon stated, “This is a pilot project. Once this project is done, if it is a success, we will continue it indefinitely. Initially the area we’re covering is Stretford, and anyone can apply regardless of their location”.

Gordon also added “However, we aim to do this in different towns around the north west, so if they don’t make it through this process there’s plenty more opportunities. Ultimately, it’s going to expand nationwide”.

Any aspirational artist should apply at www.singitforward.co.uk.

TNT Entertainment Billy Rooney



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