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Sky General affection song: Marvin Gaye turning in his grave – Watch

The great late Marvin Gaye will surely be turning in his grave as we speak, as Sky News has turned his classic ‘Let’s Get It On’ into an election campaign video with UK Party leaders.

The run-up to this General Election has seen a plethora of banter-filled videos and memes. From Casetteboy’s ‘Conference Rap’ and ‘Emperor’s New Clothes’, to the Green Party’s ‘Change The Tune’, there has been no end to the comedy and election campaign-trickery.

In Sky News’ ‘Let’s Get It On’ General Affection Song, the party leaders’ mouths, faces and actions are manipulated to sing along Marvin Gaye’s song. There’s smirking, pouting, and running of hands through hair – it’s comedy gold and a little revolting. The image of David Cameron’s “Oh”s will haunt your dreams, whilst Ed Miliband and Scottish National Party Leader Nicola Sturgeon’s flirtatious winks and kisses, could easily be opening titles for a romantic television series built on sexual chemistry.


TNT News

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