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Spotting Improbable Moments of Grace by Anne Lamott

“The welcome book would have taught us that power and signs of status can’t save us, that welcome – both offering and receiving – is our source of safety.”  Anne Lamott Small Victorie

The time has now come upon us.  A time of reflection over another year just passed. The New Year fills us with a sense of invincibility with that fact that we have been blessed, we made it through another year! We may have lost, we may have procrastinated, we may have welcomed new life, but one thing is sure – we are still here. I am so thankful for the life I have, but we all sometimes need a little guidance don’t we?

My love of books started when my mother would read to me. Imagination is a beautiful thing and getting immersed into a good book welcomes the mind to relax into a different dimension. Anne Lamott is not an author that I had heard of but the book cover of a dark duck egg with a splash of gold caught my eye (see the power of a book cover). The book is a series of essays about life, faith, and hope. The words in this book ensure that we realise that we are never alone. Come on, we all need a little reassurance at some times! One of the essays in the book which touched my soul was ‘The Book of Welcome’.

This essay is about faith from an imagined scripture in the bible. From this essay we see that welcome is togetherness, a solidarity that when tested stays right by your side. This book is about belonging and feeling comfortable in you are and who you will be. Happy New Year people! And remember we are all blessed.

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