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Smaller bins cause decaying rats in Manchester

A decaying rat found in Withington has been said to be the result of Manchester’s switch to smaller rubbish bins.

Manchester City Council voted in favour of the smaller bins in 2016, in an effort to prompt more recycling. At the time there were concerns that the bin swap would cause issues such as rubbish build-ups and rodent infestation.

Both of these concerns seem to have become a reality after the news that a decaying rat has been found. The rat was found by a local lady and her son when they were walking in Withington. It was on the corner of Davenport Avenue and Hill Street.

Lead opposition councillor John Leech aired his fears for the community if the bins were to be put in place:

“This is going to be a massive inconvenience and could cause infestations when overflowing
bins are not collected”.

Leech also disagrees with the £2.4 million that it cost to change the bins. He believes it was reckless spending that could have been used for much more important causes.

“Changing bins should not have been a priority, not when there are hundreds of people sleeping on our streets”.

Leech and many others in opposition to the change are urging Manchester City Council to apologise for their mistake.

TNT News

Photo Credit: Councillor John Leech

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