Snapchat becomes latest teaching method

With kids feeling the need to constantly check their phones, there may be a need for more diverse teaching methods. This need has prompted some teachers to use social media app ‘Snapchat’ as part of their syllabus.

Twitter user @mpascoe is one of the teachers who are on board with the idea. He says, “I’ve been using snapchat to engage learners in human anatomy since March”.

We live in a community that is filled with social media. For this reason, it’s been suggested that using social media in the classroom is the best way to engage students. Snapchat could provide a wider range of ways to illustrate a concept.

After the news of this 21st century teaching method, there have been arguments pointed out for either side.

Some argue that Snapchat works because many students learn by applying theories to examples in their own lives. By sending them pictures or short clips that relate to the course material, it can become more relatable.

It’s also been suggested that engaging with students through social media can improve a teacher’s relationship with them. Communicating on platforms that they use from day-to-day could make them feel more comfortable in interacting.

On the other hand, it is a concern that using Snapchat will encourage even more phone use in the classroom. Students could take advantage of having an excuse to be on their social media accounts whilst learning. This is why some believe it’s best to stick to more traditional teaching methods.

Some also see Snapchat as a social gadget that has no educational purpose. However, a variety of educational uses are being created and trialled by teachers in many schools. It’s sure to make lessons more fun too, which will improve the overall school experience.

Our local Manchester schools could soon be using the app to improve student engagement and exam results.

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