Snapchat drops its time limit on posts

Snapchat is to allow its users to share images and videos without a time limit as it drops one its signature services.

The popular social media app, until now, has had a ten second cut-off on content shared between users.

This option will remain but the addition of ‘limitless snaps’ and ‘looping videos’ will allow recipients to view images until they choose to close them.

Once they are closed, photos and videos will be deleted, according to Snapchat.

The app, which is extremely popular among teenagers, has more than 158million daily active users around the world, with more than 10million in the UK.

The smartphone service has come under pressure from Facebook, which has added similar features.

The app’s update includes a ‘magic eraser’ which allows users ti edit images before sharing them and a ‘draw with emojis’ tool.

Snapchat floated on the US stock market in March after it was valued at more than £17billion.

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Photo Credit: Snapchat

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