So how does it work

Astrology is simply the observation of planetary movements and their direct effects on human consciousness. Although it was used as a mathematical system, it is also a highly spiritual one.

We are light beings in a physical body, a microcosm of the universe. It’s not difficult to understand why ancient civilisations had such a profound relationship with the planets and stars. Personified as physical beings with characteristics through translation, they were observed travelling through the night sky. If a planet moved out of its natural flow, it foretold an important message for kings and kingdoms to come.

So how can planets and stars millions of miles away affect us here on earth?

If I told you that the planets’ locations and alignments when you were born, say a lot about who you are would that be hard to grasp?

The moment we take the journey out of the womb and take our first breath independent from our mother, is the moment when we begin to characterise and personify ourselves into the world.

We take an identity, a purpose, a form. The first breath is our life force entering the physical body, composed of every element of ourselves passed through as spirit. But what’s happening cosmically is just as important to understanding our own frequency on a cosmic level.

The alignments of the planets on the day of birth set a frequency or vibration which as receptive beings we are susceptible to. It becomes our personalised blueprint such as a birth mark or cosmic signature based on the time, geographical location and position of the planets sun and the moon.

Even further we are literally made up of the same elements of the stars we glimpse in the sky every night.

Whilst these indicators are highlighted, it’s also important to understand that birth charts are not fated as some may believe. More so this is an outlook at your personal life’s potential, the frequency or energy you were born under. You being at the centre of your birth chart, shows how best to work with it.

It takes a basic sphere of the sky which is composed of the 360-degree circle (the zodiac belt), split into 12 areas of space, which represents 12 areas of life, the 12 constellations.

Each area has 30 degrees which translate into earth time as 30 days. Do you see where we get the 12-month calendar from with 30 – 31 days on average?

The sun spends 30 days in each star sign then moves on to the next just as it is represented on a 365 calendar again which has been modified.

Even the 7 days of the week from Monday (Moon) to Saturday (Saturn) through to Sunday (Sun) are simply representations of the 7 visible planets, sun and moon.

Every angle of space has an imprint that connects to us. Once you understand the language it will speak to you.


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