Solicitor caught on camera in racist train rant – Watch

A solicitor, who was caught on camera in a drunken racist rant, has been convicted and fined.

Alexander MacKinnon, 47, launched a racist rant against a mother and her four-year-old son on a Virgin Train. MacKinnon opposed the presence of Sanaa Shahid and son Zayn, who were travelling First Class.

The train had been journeying from London Euston to Glasgow in December. Ms. Shahid had been travelling back home after visiting her husband who was working in London. Mobile phone footage recorded by Ms. Shahid captured MacKinnon’s racist remarks.

Racist remarks

MacKinnon asked, “How did you get into first class? You don’t deserve to be in first class”.  The 47-year-old then sneered at the mother and son. He told them,“ You should be in common class. In fact you shouldn’t be in this country at all”.

The solicitor then remarked, “You don’t deserve to be here. Bloody foreigners. Where were you even born?”.

Ms. Shahid, who is a Glasgow born lawyer, said that the rant began when MacKinnon shouted at her son. The shouting began without reason, and then escalated.

Other passengers failed to help Ms.Shahid, they only looked on and did not intervene. Shadid was left to report MacKinnon to the senior conductor.

Speaking on the phone to a friend, MacKinnon can be heard saying “it’s my word against hers”. He spoke of plans to get off the train “if it stops at Carlisle”. “She doesn’t belong in this country”, MacKinnon said.

The conductor then appeared. He said, “See now it’s not just her word, it’s mine as well because I heard it all”. MacKinnon was ordered off  the train and was subsequently arrested by British Transport Police.

MacKinnon has since pleaded guilty to a racially aggravated public order offence. He was fined £1,154 and was ordered to pay compensation and other costs.

MacKinnon’s social media likes reportedly include, Donald Trump and BNP groups.

Ms. Shahid has praised Virgin train staff for their help.

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