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Putting forward the message that today is the day “we shall overcome”, members of Black Hollywood have joined forces to speak out about systematic racism, marginalisation, police brutality and public shunning.

In a video produced by Tommy and Codie Oliver and Steve Jones, the #SomedayisToday campaign serves to launch a public announcement stating that today is the day to fight back and overcome the prejudice that has been taking the world by storm.

Meagan Good, Alfre Woodard, Aja Naomi King and Marlon Wayans are just few of the numerous celebrities that have collaborated with Campaign Zero, the organisation aiming to end police violence in America. Black celebrities recited lines from the well-known hymn “We Shall Overcome”.

The “someday” that they speak of is not dismissed as existing in a utopian future – but is emphasised as being today – encouraging the pubic to start making a difference now.

Within the powerful video it is stated “We have been fighting against systematic racism, wrongful incarceration and police brutality for longer than most of us have been alive”. In a few potent and thought-provoking minutes the Hollywood stars recite the lines:

“We will walk hand in hand…someday”, “We shall live in peace…someday”, “Deep in heart, I do believe we shall all be free… someday”, “We shall overcome…someday” and finally “When is someday?”.

Producer Tommy Oliver has stated: “The #SomedayIsToday messaging presents the opportunity for today marking the day we take control of our narrative, take control of our heritage, take control of not only our own lives, but more importantly, the lives of those who look like us”.

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Photo Credit: Tommy Oliver

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