Son believes a Liverpool hospital starved his 86-year-old father to death

An 86-year-old man suffering from advanced dementia has died in hospital, amid claims from his son that he was “starving to death”.

It is understood that Stanley Hampson died on Wednesday 9 March, just a day after his son lost a legal fight over having his father tube-fed.

Stan, who had complained that his father Stanley was starving because he had difficulty swallowing, wanted staff at a Liverpool hospital to fit a feeding tube and has satirised the care that his father received.

Staff at the hospital refused his request, while maintaining that it would be unethical to do so and would cause Stanley unnecessary pain. They said that the procedure would be a risk and was not likely to improve his life expectancy.

Mrs. Justice Roberts heard the case in a public hearing at the Court of Protection, which hears cases relating to vulnerable people who lack the mental capacity to make decisions. Stan told the court “My father is effectively starving to death. He has not eaten a morsel for six weeks. He cannot eat and the hospital has just overseen his starvation”.

Doctors have stated that they had treated the pensioner in line with clinical guidelines. They also revealed that they hydrated Stanley’s father through the use of a drip, as well as offering him pureed food.

The judge and Mrs. Roberts ruled in favour of the medics’ analysis. The judge said that their focus had to be on ensuring that Stanley’s father would end his life in as much peace and comfort as possible.

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