South Sudanese student picture goes viral

A South Sudanese student has sparked a campaign to get her a modelling contract after her picture went viral online.

Anok Yai is a 19-year-old girl currently studying biochemistry at Plymouth State University.

She was recently hanging out at the Howard University homecoming when a photographer noticed her and started snapping away.

And once Steve ‘The Sunk’ Hall put those pictures online, everyone agreed that Anok is basically a goddess walking among us

TheSunk shared her photo with his 13,000 Instagram followers and got almost 10,000 likes within three days.

Agents have even been after her, with one commenting: ‘Did someone already get her? I place models with Next worldwide – check your DM ASAP’.

Anok only realised she was blowing up when she picked up her phone and found hundreds of Instagram notifications piling in.

She moved to the States in 2000 and has never modelled – although it’s been an ambition of hers.

Anok said she has “always thought about modelling”.

“It’s a dream that I’ve wanted for a long time but always pushed to the side because of self-doubt and distractions from school”.

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Photo Credit: thesunk

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