Sovereign Entertainment presents – ‘For the love of grime’ – Live grime cypher

The Grime scene emerged in the UK within the early 2000’s and is mainly a development of UK garage, drum and bass and dancehall. Trailblazers of the stylised genre include established artists Dizzee Rascal, Lethal Bizzle and Wiley.

Despite Manchester’s grime scene only recently being propelled in to the mainstream, it has been present for over ten years. Artists such as Virus Syndicate, K1, Blizzard and Gekko have been producing grime within radio shows such as Charlie Sloth’s Fire in the Booth and Lord of the Mics since the early 2000s.

Hypes is another Manchester artist who has featured on – Lord of the Mics and his gritty bars haven’t gone unnoticed by others in the grime scene. Wiley spotted the talent of Hypes in a big Manchester clash, which subsequently led him to remark “Hypes from Manchester you are showing signs of a great right now”.

On June 2 at ‘The Kingdom Mandate Centre’ ‘Sovereign Entertainment’ will present Manchester’s biggest grime masterpiece. Relatively new entertainment company ‘Sovereign Entertainment’  will showcase a live grime cypher and has partnered up with numerous revolutionary and pioneering grime artists, in order to put Manchester’s established grime scene firmly on the map. Hypes, R.I.O, King Burga, and Che3kz, are amongst those named in an extensive line-up.

The genre is believed to have grown out of London, from pirate radio stations such as Rinse FM and Deja Vu FM. However many say that the genre’s grass roots lie in Manchester, and in recent years Manchester has produced a number of aspirational grime artists, such as Shifty, Bugzy Malone and R.I.O.

Bugzy’s album Walk With Me reached No.8 in the UK album charts in 2015, and after achieving this feat he went on to say that his objective was to “put Manny on the map”.

The world of entertainment is increasingly, now accommodating the growing UK grime scene, this has not however  always been the case. Manchester has been seen to be overlooked as the grime hub of the UK, Manny is and has been developing the UK grime scene from its birth.

Therefore it’s time for grime talent from the north and south to unite and Sovereign Entertainment could possibly be the catalyst of that. For the Love of Grime is just the start of Sovereign Entertainment’s plans for the grime and entertainment scene.

Harpurhey’s Shotty Horroh, who has been described as the UK’s top rap battler, is well known on the international grime scene for his multi-syllable rhythms and ingenious lyrics. Widespread recognition of his work is implied by the fact that last year, Drake put up a $10,000 prize and invited Shotty to Toronto for a battle with US rapper Hitman Holla.

‘Sovereign Entertainment’ For The Love of Grime ( June 2 2016) also provides a platform for artists to find their sound. Soulful Manchester-born singer Taya Sophie has been involved within the grime scene from the age of 16, and will be among the artists performing on the night.

Producer and presenter on Unity Radio, DJ and grime show specialist DJ Showdem will host ‘Sovereign Entertainment’  For the Love of Grime. DJ Showdem, also known as Kieran Boyd, perpetuated Manchester’s grime scene when others were turning to rap, and has supported the likes of Wrigz and Wiley on tour.

Showdem told TNT, “I feel that I was championing Manchester’s grime scene when it was quiet”. What is evident is that Manchester’s love of grime is ever evolving, and is rapidly becoming a part of the UK’s mainstream culture.

Confirmed artists include Hypes, R.I.O, King Burga, Che3kz, Taya Sophie and, whilst many more are likely to be confirmed shortly. Early bird tickets are available from £4, and from there after tickets will be £7. For ticket outlets and information visit or @TheNubianTimes on Twitter.
TNT Entertainment Billy Rooney

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