Sporting legends star in Nike’s equality advert – Watch

Successful athletes from a diverse range of sports have been included in Nike’s new ‘equality’ advert.

The well-loved brand recruited famous sporting legends for a new advert which was posted on their YouTube page. Starring in the advert are sporting legends, Serena Williams, Lebron James and Kevin Durant. Gabby Douglas – who made history in 2012 – also stars.

The advert has political overtones, challenging and critiquing current US politics. The creatively poignant advert promotes equality, not just with the boundaries of the court but beyond it.

The advert opens with a voice over. A statement is made as the voice of a black male asks, “is this the land that history promised?”.

The advert’s voiceover is provided by Michael B Jordan. Michael B Jordan also makes a brief appearance.

R&B singer, Alicia Keys, provides the vocals, performing a rendition of ‘A Change is Gonna Come’. The Nike athletes walk the streets and spray lines which extend from the courts into the streets.

Viewers are told that “equality should have no boundaries” and that “bonds” should “run past these lines”. The athletes make it clear that “opportunity should not discriminate”.

The advert comes weeks after Nike’s CEO Mark Parker condemned Trump’s anti-immigrant policies. Parker said “Nike believes in a world where everyone celebrates the power of diversity”.

Parker added, “Everyone’s individual experience is what makes us stronger as a whole”.

Lebron James, shared the advert on twitter, his caption read ‘Equality #StriveforGreatness’.

British sporting legend, Mo Farah,  also shared the advert. He wrote, ‘If we can be equals in sport, we can be equals everywhere’.

The inspirational video is directed by Grammy award-winning director Melina Matsoukas. Matsoukas directed Rihanna’s ‘We Found Love’ and Beyonce’s ‘Formation’.

This Nike advert stands out as it exaggerates that the “ball should bounce the same for everyone”.

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Photo Credit: Nike

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