St John’s helps those in need at Christmas



Earlier this week, Old Trafford St John’s Centre got well and truly into the Christmas spirit.

At the centre on St John’s Road, they hosted a Christmas Fayre for on 13 December. There was a diverse range of market stalls from food, to decorations, to arts and crafts.

The centre even organised a Santa’s Grotto for the kids, priced at just £1 per child. Aside from this small charge to see Father Christmas, the event was free of charge.

In addition, the centre held a ‘Messy Christmas’ making workshop. The kids were able to get involved with fun arts and crafts activities, which of course had a festive theme.

TNT spoke to Elaine Eland at the centre about Christmas time and what it means for St John’s.

“We have a theme for Christmas every year and this year the theme is light. It represents welcoming migrants into the community”.

As part of this theme, some local refugees have painted jam jars with illustrations that represent where they come from. TNT saw some of these fantastic creations, one of which was decorated with camels by an Algerian refugee.

Candles are then lit inside the jam jars and the creations are on display to create light within the centre. There was also a section of the Christmas Fayre where people could paint a jam jar of their own.

Elaine explained where the funds from the fayre and other events would be going. “We raise money for a number of different charities over the Christmas period”.

Amongst the charities that St John’s are raising money for this Christmas are those that support refugees. Some of the money will be used on a local level to directly support refugees in Old Trafford.

They’re also donating money to charities that help homeless people in Manchester. These charities include the Greater Manchester Winter Night Shelter.

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